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Clarksville Zombie Hunters, LLC, is owned and operated by two Christian families who strive to put on an intense and exciting, family-friendly event each Fall.  Since its inception, the owners and CZH employees have worked hard to continue to improve the quality and extent of the show, year after year.  Clarksville has never had anything like this and CZH intends to make sure that it is here to stay.  We want it to be a place that families come year after year, as a tradition, each Fall.  Come for the Hunt, stay for the entertainment, and have a ton of fun all night!  If you have any input you’d like to share, please contact us.  We’d love to hear how we can better serve our patronage.

Owners Eric Yow and Matt Cole:

Eric Yow is a local attorney at Goble & Yow, PLLC, downtown Clarksville, Tennessee.  Eric Yow has been a pulpit minister with the Churches of Christ for more than a decade, has competed in professional Artistic Pool (trick shots) worldwide, and enjoys race cars.  Eric Yow is married and has two beautiful daughters.  They are members at the Church of Christ at Trenton Crossing, where they devote much of their time to serving and teaching.  Eric Yow also serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for Clarksville Christian School.  Eric Yow is committed to being a blessing to those around him.  He has shared “I love working with Clarksville Zombie Hunters, LLC, because it allows us to bring so much joy to so many people.  We raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity groups, give dozens and dozens of people a job to do in the fall, and we put a smile on the face of the thousands that come out to enjoy the Hunt each fall!  It’s such a blessing to so many!”

Matt Cole is a local businessman, with Matt Cole Construction, and farmer, with Persimmon Creek Farms, who resides in Cunningham, Tennessee.  Matt Cole has had his hand in numerous business ventures and has proven his ability to take an idea and make it worthwhile to those for whom it is intended.  He has put countless hours into perfecting the business of Clarksville Zombie Hunters behind the scenes and aims for it to be the best it can be for years to come.  Matt Cole is married to a wonderful wife, owner of Salon Aura and Cole Photography, and they have a darling son.  The Coles are members of the Hilldale Church of Christ where they serve faithfully.  Matt Cole has shared “I love being a part of Zombie Hunters.  It is a ton of work in the off season, but it is so worth it to see the smiles on people’s faces when they come out to enjoy what we have to offer.  It’s amazing to see how Eric and I can put our talents to work for the benefit of people in our community.  I pray the Lord enables us to keep doing it, better and better, for years to come.

Eric Yow Matt Cole Prisoner 66



General Manager Chuck Waller

Chuck Waller is currently an active duty Soldier in the United States Army. He will be retiring after 23 years of service in September 2018. Chuck Waller is married and has 3 children. They are members of Memorial Baptist Church, where they are youth leaders and devote much of their time to teaching. Chuck Waller has been with Clarksville Zombie Hunters for 2 seasons and has recently took on the GM position. He spends much of his time in the off season preparing for the next season and has stated “All the hard work and time is worth it once we open and see the fun the community is having”. 

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