Escape Games are all the rave for 2017 and Clarksville Zombie Hunters has a mind-freak thrill-ride waiting for you!  Locked in a room with only a small group of friends, you have one objective:  Get out alive!  In this Escape Game, “Death’s Door,” you will have to solve a series of puzzles and tricks to find the way out.  Even then, more mysteries await.  Will you make it out in time or will the unknown overcome you.  Better hurry, the clock is ticking!  Click the Calendar to  BUY TICKETS NOW!

Each Escape Game lasts approximately 15 minutes (including safety briefing and instructions).
Groups of 6-8 go into the room together and the clock starts ticking when the door shuts behind you.
Use whatever you find in the room to help you figure your way out before your fifteen minutes run out.

Fun and safe for all ages.  (Recommended 10+)
“Death’s Door” is intense, but it is not intended to be scary.  If you enjoyed our Escape Game “The Dark Room” in 2015, or “Death’s Door 2016,”  you’ll love “Death’s Door 2017” even more!  With lights, sound, and high-tech props, we are taking it to the next level for 2017!



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