Clarksville Zombie Hunters is owned and operated by two Christian families who have a heart for local charities and a desire to be a blessing to the community. Each year CZH contracts with various charitable groups in order to help raise money for their cause.  When you support Clarksville Zombie Hunters, you are supporting several charitable organizations and blessing countless people in the process.  These groups volunteer their time and energy to put on a fantastic show for you.  As a result, a portion of every ticket sold goes to further their mission!  Come show your support.


For 2018, the groups who have partnered with us include:
Christian County High School JROTC
Montgomery Central High School Drama Club
Relay For Life
APSU Pre-Vet Club

In the prior years, Clarksville Zombie Hunters was able to donate well over $60,000 to the following charities who have partnered with us!  

Kenwood High School Wrestling
Christian County High School JROTC
Sycamore High School Wrestling
West Creek High School JROTC
North West High School Theatre Group
Camp Marc
and more!

If your group is interested in partnering with us, contact us immediately! 

Help us reach our goal in helping you reach yours.