How much do tickets cost?

All of our pricing and information is on our ticketing page.  Click the link for details! Buy TICKETS online here for the best price!  If you wish, you can purchase tickets ON SITE at the Ticket Booth.  The Ticket Booth closes an hour before closing time, generally.  

What if I lose something?

We will try to help you find it, but it may have to wait until daylight.  We highly recommend locking valuables in the car or leaving them at home.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We regret that some have lost items such as clothing, a cell phone, and a wedding ring.

How long do the attractions last?

The Zombie Paintball Hayride Experience lasts about 20 minutes or so.
The Zombie Mission lasts up to 15 minutes.

The Dark Maze generally takes 15-20 minutes, but we have had patrons take an hour to get out
The Shooting Gallery ticket includes 50+ rounds of ammo and will last a few minutes.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are warm enough for a fall evening hayride. You will not be shot with paintballs on the hayride. You will, however, be getting on and off of a trailer, walking around in the grass/dirt, and there may be a bonfire on some nights.  There is NOT hay on the truck/trailer.  On the Zombie Mission, you will be walking on a dark, dirt trail, so be conscientious of the weather and that it may have left the trail wet.  

What should I bring?

We provide everything you need. Do NOT bring your own paintballs or gun. They will not be allowed on the premises.

Are there souvenirs for sale?

Yes! you will have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts, souvenirs, and other Clarksville Zombie Hunters swag to prove to everyone else that you made the cut and became a true Clarksville Zombie Hunter! 

Do you sell food and drinks?

We have a concession stand that operates every night we are open!  Enjoy a wide variety of great foods at great prices!!!  Our typical food items are pizza, hot dogs, nachos, candy, sodas, and water

What is the VIP ticket?

The VIP ticket is a “fast pass” that lets you skip most of the wait.  In each attraction, the Operator will pull from the VIP line first, then the General Admission, often alternating VIP, then GA, then VIP, etc.  This gives VIP the fastest pass to the attraction while not making the GA ticket holders stand in line for an extended period of time.  

Can I bring my own food/drinks?

No.  To keep our concession stand prices to a minimum, we ask that you enjoy their food selection on site.  (The only exception is if you’re having a birthday party on site, you may bring cake.  Zombies like cake.)

Is the park kid-friendly?

Absolutely! We work hard to make the park a family-friendly attraction.  We strive to provide a clean, family-friendly atmosphere.  No alcohol, no smoking, no profanity.  The movies we play are intended to be family-friendly and our staff is trained to maintain that same level of integrity, in furtherance of the mission of Clarksville Zombie Hunters, LLC.

What is the minimum age?

We have no age restriction on our attractions. Generally we recommend only children 2 years of age or older ride on the zombie paintball hayride. All children under 13 should be accompanied by an adult.  Children may sit in a parent’s lap. One gun/seat means you only buy one ticket!  If they sit next to the adult, you must purchase two tickets.  For the Zombie Mission, if your child can pull a trigger, they can enjoy the Mission. 

Can I bring or buy alcohol?

No! Absolutely not.  Alcohol is not allowed in the park OR THE PARKING LOT. Anyone entering the park suspected to be under the influence will be asked to leave. This is to help us maintain a family-friendly environment.  Safety is a high priority.  If you are found with alcohol on the property, to include the parking lot, you will be trespassing and on-site law enforcement will handle you from there.  We cannot stress this enough – and you are greeted with a giant NO ALCOHOL sign as you enter – you may not bring alcohol onto our facility.

Where do I park?

Parking is at the site in a large grass field. Please do not park on the road. Please do not keep valuables stored inside of your vehicle. We are not responsible for stolen items or damage to your vehicle.  Be conscientious of the weather and that wet weather may have left the field wet.  And please take care of our field. Not having to pay for damage to the field helps keep our ticket prices low and allows us to help more charitable groups during the year.

Can I wear a costume?

Not generally.  Look for special events such as costume contests to be announced on Facebook, particularly close to Halloween.

Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards?

Yes. We take cash or debit/credit cards.  On site, there is an additional $1 fee for every card swipe to offset the charges.

Can I take pictures/video?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the ride. Flash photography is prohibited during the Hayride as it disturbs other people’s enjoyment and risks patrons dropping their phone off of the truck/trailers.  

Do I need reservations?

Not at all. You can buy tickets at the park but if we reach capacity we won’t sell any additional tickets. In order to ensure you can get on a ride we recommend you Buy TICKETS online here for the best price!

Are there hay bales on the ride?

Nope. There will not be bales of hay on the trailers. You will sit comfortably on fixed benches.  We only use the term “hayride” in the traditional sense.

Do you offer group discounts?

For groups of 12 or more tickets are discounted when purchased in advance. You can buy group rate tickets online here.

What happens when you reach capacity?

We have the capacity to run large groups each night through all of our attractions, so reaching a “sold out” capacity is unlikely.  However, if we reach max capacity, we’ll shut down new ticket sales. If you purchased tickets online, you will ride on the day and time selected!  To guarantee your fun night, Click to BUY TICKETS NOW!  Check our Facebook page for updates!

Are there refunds?

We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs but we do not allow refunds. We will remain open rain or shine, as long as there is no lightning.  In the event management suspends activity on account of weather, you will be contacted via email regarding a refund, if you purchased your tickets online. Before you ask for a refund, knowing our policy, remember we have a staff of up to fifty employees on site and as many as 50 volunteers from charitable groups we support.  Your ticket purchase is integral to our providing an amazing time for our patrons, employment for those who are part of the Clarksville Zombie Hunters team, and tens of thousands of dollars in donations we make to the charity groups we support.  We appreciate your ticket purchase and hope you respect our ‘no refund’ policy.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, contact us. We’d love to hear from you!