1. Enter at your own risk! Participants will not be in danger of the paintball guns on the Zombie Paintball Hayride, however there will be bright lights, strobe lights, pyrotechnics, concussion sounds, and music/audio effects during the ride. Participants of the Zombie Mission will be walking a dark, dirt trail with low-velocity paintball guns.  Besides the obvious risks inherent to walking the trail, there will be other patrons on the trail also shooting paintball guns.  Patrons are instructed to maintain a safe distance from other groups.  By entering the premises, you acknowledge that you do not have any condition which would preclude you from participating in the attraction safely.

2. No alcohol or drugs allowed in the park OR THE PARKING LOT! If you appear under the influence, you will not be permitted to stay on the premises.

3. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who poses a danger to themselves or others.

4. We are not responsible for your vehicle or its contents. You will be asked to park in a grass field and not on the road. Where you park, how you park, and what happens to your vehicle, or its contents, while it is on the premises is entirely your responsibility.

5. We will provide a safe and fun attraction for all participants. However, as with any haunted-hayride type attraction, there are inherent risks associated therewith. When you purchase your ticket, you acknowledge that you understand those risks and agree to release Clarksville Zombie Hunters, LLC, all of its members, employees, subcontractors, and volunteers from any and all liability whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from your presence on the premises. We are not responsible for your clothing, personal effects, vehicles, etc. It is best to leave your phone/purse/wallet in your car. Park and enter at your own risk! Clarksville Zombie Hunters is an agritourism attraction and is protected under the statutory, posted agritourism liability release protection. 

6. We will take photographs and video. By participating, you agree to permit Clarksville Zombie Hunters, LLC, to take and use such photographs and video for promotional marketing, including but not limited to social media sites. We will not charge a fee for your copying and redistribution of such photos and videos.

7. You may NOT bring onto the premises any of the following: alcohol, drugs, lighters, flashlights, guns, knives, weapons, paintballs, paintball guns, Halloween costumes/masks, etc. If you are wearing a mask when you arrive, you will be asked to take it off.

8. The Zombie Paintball Hayride Experience is fun for all ages, but most suitable for ages 2+up. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

9. Do NOT touch the props or the actors. If they get close to the trailer, shoot them in the face. But, keep your hands and feet within the trailer at all times. If you reach past the guns, you may be shot. If you are not shot, you may get bit by a zombie. You know what happens when people get bit by zombies!

10. No profanity or nudity/partial-nudity. This is a family-friendly attraction and we intend to keep it that way.