EVEN BETTER FOR 2019 with more zombies and surprises! 


We need your help clearing the South Woods.  There have been reports of a few remaining Zombies in the South Woods which we’ve been unable to contain.  If you have what it takes, we will equip you with a Zombie Assault Weapon outfitted with specialized zombie hunting rounds and a rail-mounted flashlight, then send you into the woods on a mission.  Your objective – clear the woods of any zombies you see as you make your way through the deep dark woods.  Put down every Infected you see, then hurry back to the trail head.  Be warned, your footsteps draw the zombies away from the populated area of the park, but right to you!  If you see any of them, put them down!  Then, hurry back to safety! Get your best price when you buy online!  BUY TICKETS NOW

Zombie Mission hunters go out into the woods in groups of 3-4 at a time. Groups are sent every few minutes on a more than 1/2 mile trail loop full of twists, turns, creatively constructed scenery, and of course, zombies!  It’s your group’s job to take them out and make it out alive!

Special spring-loaded paintball guns are provided with custom rail-mounted flashlights.
Each gun holds 15 rounds of specialized Zombie Hunting Ammunition and there is a reload station halfway through the trail. (FREE Reload!)  You will likely encounter a dozen zombies or more so use your ammunition wisely!

There will be a safety briefing before every Mission.
Each participant will wear provided eye protection.
Friendly fire is not tolerated, as safety is of the utmost importance.  Violators will be removed, banned, and prosecuted.

As with every attraction, enter at your own risk.  We have worked to make the Zombie Mission trail safe, but you will be walking it in the dark.  Be aware that there may be sticks, roots, bump, tree limbs, and other obstacles in the way.  Some props and obstacles are in the way deliberately.  Please do not disrupt or destroy the scenery.
(Actors are not permitted to touch patrons.  Patrons are not permitted to touch actors.  Violators will be removed from the park.)

Fun for all ages!  Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

There will be a wait on busy nights.  Please be patient and considerate of others.